Software Development

To us, It is not just writing the code.
It is more than that. Development is what we stand for,
in every sense of the word.

Let it be software, mobile app, or website development, everything we do for your business, we do it with care. When you give us a development project; software, mobile, or web, you put your faith on us that it's going to help your business operate more efficiently, more smoothly.
That trust is our most important asset. And thus we like to think that you deserve more than just another software or website.
Every project at Computer Services is well thought out. We spend a lot of efforts in terms of both time and intellect, to deliver a product that works beautifully. And that's not just it! We pour our hearts over the development process, getting so much attached to the project that nothing gives us more satisfaction than to see it actually helping your business to excel.
We will assist you at the every stage of the deployment of product and more importantly afterwards. We will be prompt to attend to you if you would have any problems, & to help ensure that you have got what you wanted.

Behold the power that showcase what you’re all about. Contact us today for web or software development

Get your business growing fast and efficiently. Have a software, or an entire computing system to drive the mission critical business tasks with unimaginable ease. Or have an website to mark your online presence, and boost your business. Everything developed by the software development team at Computer Services, Sangli, software, apps, or web is

  • Developed with utmost care, and perfection; and delivered on time.
  • an excellent example of ultimate user friendliness. Works on all latest computer architecture and all screen sizes including mobile.
  • Scaled to deliver maximum performance with unmatchable efficiency even in very complex deployments distributed over multiple workstations.
  • Highly secure yet very flexible to use and always cloud ready.
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100% Customer Satisfaction

Whatever we build software or web, we build it for you, we build it just the way you like it and offer full after-sales support. We are sure that our products would put a wide smile on your face.

Reasonable Pricing

Determining the cost of software development is very tricky, however, We use a standard formula for determining the cost of a software project. This cost directly reflects our efforts on the product as well as the product complexivity. We charge what is right, never more than that.

Extremely user friendly

Our software are sophisticatedly designed; absolutely stunning look and feel that works smoothly. We spend a lot of time to think on how the user would find our products easier to use.


Computer Services is the oldest and the best computer training institute in Sangli,
founded in 1988, we are here since the early computing days;
Join us for a course, and indulge into the joy of real computer knowledge.

c programming, cpp, ds training teaching classes sangli

Core programming
C, C++, and data structures.

Get the hard core feel of raw computing. Learn programming from the expert. Our focus is on independant algorithmic thinking and problem solving. Confidence and satisfaction - like no where else !

office automation msoffice training teaching classes sangli

Office Automation
An Introductory Course in Computers

Learn to use the computer, internet and smart phone. Manage files, folders and tasks of work efficiently. Feel the positive difference in real life. For professionals, students, senior citizens to housewives.

c# and ASP.NET training teaching classes sangli

C# and ASP.NET

Learn to develop high quality dynamic web apps, windows & windows phone apps using c#. An interesting course which will help you to master the latest development in software and cloud computing.

Java & Databases training teaching classes sangli

Java and Database Engineering

Java, the language that powers billions of devices. Learn core as well as advanced features of java and how to use them effectively in real world, combined with database engineering, you are would be ready to develop the real world software in no time.

DTP training teaching classes sangli

Web Designing & Desktop Publishing

Unleash the designer in you. Learn software like Photoshop ®, Acrobat ®, Page Maker ®, as well as CorelDraw ®, to create stunning, beautiful, high quality designs & Complete Web site development.

AutoCAD training teaching classes sangli


Learn to use Computer Aided Design, for engineering drawings. We use latest the AutoCAD ® editions. Our exercises are designed to boost your skills, build a solid foundation to help you stand out amongst the rest.

Student Center

Get help with your projects, tutorials. Participate in the creative portal exclusively made for students.